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Northern Education Trust website has a section dedicated to explaining the structure and background to Governance within the Academy.

Northern Education Trust website Governance click here.

The Governance Structure

Trust Board & Committees

Local Governing Boards

Corporate Policies & Procedures

Lists & Registers

Northern Education Trust Hartlepool Combined Academy Council


Mr John Taylor

Executive Principal

Mr Andrew Jordon


Mr Lee Kirtley

Mr A Palmer


Mrs Sarah Smart

Mrs Jennifer Johnson - Resigned 03.07.18

Sponsor Governor

Cllr John Lauderdale

Mr Frank Reid

Mr Edwin Jeffries

Mr Alan Lyth

Mrs Sue Sharpe


Mr P Maddison

Mrs Sue Zoryk

Governors support is Louise Inglesant / Ann Turner

For more detailed information please see Terms of reference for Academy Councils

Scheme of delegation

Governors attendance at meetings 2016-2017

Declaration of Interests 2016-2017

Declaration of Interests 2017-2018

Academy Council address for correspondence -

Mr John Taylor

Dyke House Sports and Technology College

Mapleton Road


TS24 8NQ