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As a charitable compamy limited by guarantee, Northern Education Trust is governed by a Board of Directors also referred to as Trustees who are responsible for, and oversee the strategic control, management and administration of the Trust and the academies ran by the Trust.

In order to discharge these responsibilities the Trustees appoint people who are more locally based to serve on a board, the Academy Council, which has been established to ensure the good governance of the Academy.

The role of the Academy Council is to:

  • Carry the Trust vision, policies and priorities forward
  • Provide internal assurance
  • To develop the local community and employer links

Members of the Academy Council, called Governors, are expected to question, challenge and support the academy leadership and feel comfortable that they know, and are able to discuss, the performance of the academy.

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Academy Council

Northern Education Trust sponsors two secondary academies in Hartlepool and we have one Combined Academy Council supporting and challenging both academies.

If you are interested in becoming an Academy Council member please discuss your involvement initially with the Principal.

Membership of Hartlepool Combined Academy Council

Attendance of members of the Academy Council

Governors attendance at meetings from Sept 2017-January 2018

Declaration of Interests 2016-2017

Declaration of Interests 2017-2018

Declaration of Interests 2018-2019

Academy Council address for correspondence -

Mr John Taylor - Chair of Governors

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