Dyke House Sports & Technology College

Attainment and Achievement through Creativity, Collaboration and Character


The Board of Governors comprises of 15 members. Between them they represent a wide range of business and community interests. Working in partnership with the Head of College and staff, our Governors are passionate about ensuring a high quality learning experience for every student.

Our governor support is Louise Inglesant / Ann Turner.

For more details information please see Governing body terms of reference

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Governors Business Interests

Please see below details of our committee structure:

Name Period of Office Finance and Resources Student Welfare Leadership and Governance Attainment and Achievement Portfolio Holders
Mr John Taylor 10.04.12-03.06.18
Finance and Resources,
& Governance
Mr John Lauderdale 01.05.13-30.04.17

Student Welfare
Mr Andrew Jordon 01.01.12
Mr John Ibbotson 01.05.13-30.04.17
Mrs Sue Sharpe 01.05.13-30.04.17
Attainment and Achievement
Mr Edwin Jeffries 01.05.13-30.04.17

Mr Alan Lyth 17.07.14-16.07.17

Mr Andrew Murphy 15.01.17-14.01.18

Mr Philip Cain 18.06.15-17.06.18

Mr Andrew Mann 14.07.15-13.07.18