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Dyke House Academy remains a GOOD school after Ofsted Inspection

3rd Apr 2019

Dyke House Academy remains a GOOD school after Ofsted Inspection

Dyke House Academy, sponsored by Northern Education Trust, was subjected to a one-day Section 8 Ofsted Inspection on 26th February 2019. The inspection concluded that the overall effectiveness of the school remains as 'Good'.

Northern Education Trust is delighted to note that inspectors found a clear strategic direction of leadership based upon "decision making (which) is driven entirely by what is best for children" and an 'outcomes focused, child centred' vision modelled by leaders. Inspectors also found a collective commitment to raising standards with a clear focus on improving pupils' progress by ensuring teaching is consistently effective. The vast majority of parents confirm that 'their children are happy, safe and well looked after at the school' and would recommend the school to other parents.

The Leadership Team and Governors have identified the areas that need further and continued improvement and are pleased that Ofsted acknowledged this. Whilst recognising the areas for improvement in the journey to outstanding, it is pleasing to note that Ofsted affirmed good practice within the Academy, stating that "learning routines are well established and the vast majority of pupils are encouraged in their learning". Particularly pleasing was the recognition that the Academy "adopts a holistic approach to the care of all pupils, including the most vulnerable" and that staff have "a clear understanding of the challenges facing your most vulnerable pupils".

Adam Palmer, Principal, stated "I am thrilled for all our students and staff. It is important to recognise the significant effort and commitment that has been put into improving the life chances of students within our community through the quality of education we provide."

Andrew Jordan, Executive Principal, expressed his admiration for Mr Palmer's leadership and commitment to providing an inclusive education adding "I am particularly proud of the work the school does for those students with SEND and that Ofsted recognised this as a strength of the school. We want all students to achieve, regardless of their starting point or background and will continue to work tirelessly to ensure this happens'.