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FIFTEEN students from have returned from a trip of a lifetime

17th Oct 2018

FIFTEEN students from have returned from a trip of a lifetime

FIFTEEN students from Dyke House Academy have returned from a trip of a lifetime with a new outlook on their own lives.

The Hartlepool teenagers went on a 17-day trip to Tanzania, Africa, where they got to experience how different things can be.

The expedition was the result of almost two years of fund-raising for the Dyke House Year 11s and they felt it was worth every minute.

They got to see how the African children lived in sandstone accommodation, with metal roofs that had taken five years to build. They also spent time teaching in classrooms they helped to build.

Former Clavering Primary pupil Sarah Martin, aged 15, said: "I have always wanted to help African children but I didn't want to give to charity because I didn't know where the money would go.

"I knew if I could raise the money to go on this trip then I knew I could see the results of my work at first hand.

"The whole trip was an eye opener. It made me appreciate how lucky I am to have the education I have, as much as I moan about it. We live in royalty compared to the children there."

The group of Dyke House students went with teachers Alex Forsyth and Natasha Hampshire and the leaders from World Challenge, who organised the trip.

After arriving in Tanzania's Dar es Salaam, they trekked across to the Baobab Valley through villages and worked for a week in Msosa helping a new community have a new school.

As well as decorating the classroom and the toilets, the students' money helped to pay for a new roof before they then taught the locals who were excited to share the experience with them.

Bobby Williams, 15, an ex-Throston Primary pupil, said: "It has definitely changed my life and put it in a better direction. It has made me think of how lucky and grateful I should be.

"It amazed me to see how grateful they all were for how little they had. They knew we were coming to help and it was rare. They held our hands straightaway.

"I was down for the sense of adventure and to see something new and I am really pleased that I went and experienced it."

They visited Kipepeo Beach Village too, where they enjoyed snorkeling, and they went on safari afterwards, where they saw six lions in the wild, as well as elephants, zebra, hippos and giraffes.

The teenagers slept in tents, a hostel, and a beach hut over the course of the trip.

Miss Forsyth, Dyke House's assistant principle, said: "It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for students, it gave them independence and a true cultural experience.

"It offered an insight into how other children in the world live and how our students should value the amazing education they receive at Dyke House. It really made our students grateful for what they have."

Dyke House is a Northern Education Trust academy that offers students trips on a regular basis.

The deadline for Year 6s to apply for a place at Dyke House next September is October 31.