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1st Mar 2018


DYKE HOUSE ACADEMY CLOSED: Again due to the extreme weather conditions and for the safety of our children and staff we are closed Friday 02/03/18. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We expect to be open as normal from Monday 5th March

For all our Y11 students, please take the opportunity to do some vital revision over the next few days. The mock exams will go ahead as planned from Monday, and the timetable for this was posted on the academy Facebook and Twitter pages earlier today.


Please log on to Hegarty Maths and complete the tasks set by your class teacher or use your individual QLA document to revise red and amber topics. The link to access this is www.hegartymaths.com

There will be prizes for the students that spend the most time on Hegarty whilst we have been off this week!


Please use revision guides with practice papers, texts and key questions to help you with revision.

Or /And

Write the opening of a story entitled 'Snow Day'. Have a look out of your window and write a description of what you can see. .

There will be prizes for the students that submit the best stories when we return!

Other departments have tweeted their individual instructions/advice on what you can be doing whilst you are off.

Please stay safe over the next few days