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Take Over day 2017

24th Nov 2017

Take Over day 2017

On Friday 24th November Dyke House took part in National Take Over day. Our students applied for jobs around the College and took over the roles of staff around the school for the day.

This is Year 7 students Emma Barnett and Lily Baines leading the starter activity with Year 10.


Sophie Bowron supporting our receptionist Millie Dawkins


Lucy Robinson in Year 7 is supporting Jackie at Student Services


Ashton Horsley, Year 9 and Mia Bown, Year 8 are supporting Mr Breeze in a History lesson


Will Cain in Year 8 is supporting Miss Downes in a Life lesson


Vaughan Kelly is an ICT Technician for the day


Zeenat Ahmed and Mariam Elarapi in Year 10 are supporting admin duties in the Avondale reception 8-651-img2016.jpeg

Amelia Middleton in Year 9 is supporting the school kitchen in preparing a delicious lunch


Harry Gray and Ellis Hutchinson in Year 10 are supporting Mr Whitehead in PE doing admin duties


Kayleigh Wang in Year 7 and Chloe Walker in Year 10 are supporting Mr Larsson in a Maths lesson


Lorena Andrews in Year 7 supporting Miss Barneveld in delivering a Science lesson


Kayleigh Wang, Maisie Theobald and Chloe Walker are taking over Mr Larsson's lessons today. Here they are completing their lesson preparation.


This is Callum Bromley (Y7) and Emily Swales (Y8) teaching 7P their starter activity.


Hayden Roberts in Year 7, Sophie Bell in Year 7 and Leoni Bolton in Year 8 helping the language department with wall displays


Elly Mae Waugh in Year 8 delivering a Science lesson with Miss Fawcett


Rachel Rigby is taking over the textiles lesson in Year 9


Summer Inglesant in Year 7 and Ella Todd in Year 8 are Vice Principal and Principal for the day. Here they are on duty in the street.


I must say how impressed I was today with Hannah Williams and Sienna Williams during Takeover Day.

We started the day off with a discussion about the Elite Development Scheme. We looked into what is involved regarding the application process, decision making, sport/fitness provision and the academic requirements students have to meet to maintain the position on the scheme.

Following this, the girls enthusiastically and diligently individually packaged the Elite kit for students following the delivery from our supplier.

It was then time to update the Elite display cabinets outside Boys PE before updating the after school curricular posters around each school base.

The girls were a pleasure to work and as well as being a big help and working extremely hard, hopefully they have learnt a little more about our scheme and how it all works.