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Space and Astronomy Day at York University

22nd Feb 2016

Space and Astronomy Day at York University

3rd February 2016 - We started our journey in the minibus after third lesson in school. We arrived at York University first out of all the schools involved and went straight into our first lecture. It was a good change to be taught in a big lecture theatre and see everything up on a huge screen.

The first lecture was all about the International Space Station and we learnt all about rocket fuel, how astronauts eat, and why they wear space suits, it?s not just a fashion statement! We got involved in the lecture and were excited to go to our second activity, the Cosmodome! After squashing into the inflatable Cosmodome, we were introduced to the constellations, it felt as if we were actually watching the night sky. In the dome we also watch a video, voiced by Dr Who (ok it was David Tennant) telling us how satellites help us find out more about space.

Next up was a session in the physics labs where one of the undergraduates demonstrated how Liquid Nitrogen cools things down to -200 ?C. She made a banana hammer and showed up how super conductor trains work! Maddy and Karl were picked to demo how it can be used to shatter flowers!

Competition time was next, we only had 20 minutes to make a landing craft for a egg, making sure it didn?t break! Nearly all of the crafts worked and we were complemented for our unique designs!

Dinner-time finally came, giving us a chance to chat to the other schools as well as the under graduates. We found outmore about university life, their course and what A-Levels they did.

Our favourite part of the day came at last, time to head to the Astrocampus! We were in awe as we got the chance to observe the Seven Sisters and Orion?s Belt using binoculars and a reflecting telescope in the observing dome. Although it was cold and dark, it was an amazing opportunity and the students were very helpful.

We finished the day on a high from all the excitement but were very tired by the end!