Dyke House Sports & Technology College

Attainment and Achievement through Creativity, Collaboration and Character

KS3 Textiles


Fashion Monsters

Year 7 Pupils will explore product analysis, focusing on shape, fabrics, and surface decoration to develop own designs. The pupils will develop and practice practical skills in order to realise their design. The pupil will learn different decorative techniques such as wax batik, tie and dye and then embellish their monster using free machine embroidery to create pattern and texture. Pupils will peer assess their work, share ideas and evaluate their performance within the classroom through group work, self-reflection and individual evaluation. Final ideas and outcomes will culminate in a final presentation to their peers.

Pop Art Bunting

Year 8 Pupils will carry out comprehensive historical research into the Pop Art movement and create a piece of informative writing to consolidate their independent learning. Pupils then apply their knowledge to develop design ideas. Focusing on the key features pupils will create an individual section of bunting using different decorative techniques. This shows a progression of skills from year 7. Pupils will be encouraged to be innovative and creative, selecting a least three techniques from a wide range demonstrated. Pupils will peer assess, self reflect and evaluate upon their learning throughout project.

Fashion Designers

Pupils continue to build a solid foundation of knowledge and skill to prepare for GCSE. They begin the course with an introduction to Fashion Designers, Trends and Illustration Techniques. Pupils research Haute Couture, Catwalk Collections, Vogue, Designers and their influence on High Street Design. Fashion Illustration is taught using a variety of media including Photoshop with Graphic Tablets. They are taught how to create repeat patterns using the Wacom tablet. Pupils then move on to design and make a large piece of fabric focusing on surface pattern. They learn how to print and dye fabric. They build texture and pattern using free machine and hand embroidery embellished with sequins and beads. They then develop this fabric into a commercial product (an interior or fashion product). Pupils are taught to create paper patterns and skilfully make a successful product to GCSE standard.