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KS3 Resistant Materials

Resistant Materials

Year 7 Storage Unit

This exciting project will introduce pupils to a variety of workshop skills. The pupils will develop their skills in using hand tools and machinery in order to produce a quality final outcome. They will learn how to plan effectively for production, identify tools, equipment and materials; and begin to assess and evaluate their own and others progression effectively.

Year 8 Money Box

Pupils will be engaged in producing a personalised money box. This project builds on prior learning and develops practical making skills. Pupils will develop knowledge and understanding of joining technics to construct solid pine frame, which will incorporate a personalised acrylic sliding lid, designed and manufactured using CAD CAM.

Year 9 Storage cabinet

This project is a sample from the GCSE specification giving pupils the opportunity to gain subject knowledge which will help them progress onto GCSE resistant materials. In this project pupils will use various research skills, advance their drawing skills and gain quality technical skills in the workshop producing a storage cabinet as a final outcome.

Pewter Casting Project

Pupils will explore CAD/CAM to create various casting moulds in order to create a small product from pewter. The pupils will research casting and produce a mould using the laser cutter. Pupils will peer assess their work, share ideas and evaluate their performance within the classroom through group work, self-reflection and individual evaluation. Final ideas and outcomes will culminate in a final presentation to their peers.

Desk tidy project

Pupils will advance their subject knowledge in CAD/CAM by creating a desk tidy. This project is designed for pupils to learn core subject knowledge. Pupils will do specific research which will embed the knowledge to help them progress to GCSE. Pupils will need to be well organised and plan their projects well to ensure they achieve.