Dyke House Sports & Technology College

Attainment and Achievement through Creativity, Collaboration and Character

KS3 Graphics

Graphic Products

Year 7 Blister packaging

This project will introduce pupils to designing for manufacture. Pupils will research current products and begin to design for an audience other than themselves. They will design and make a key ring for a market linked to the Olympic theme and also manufacture the packaging so that it attracts a large market. The final product will be produced using a variety of equipment, including CAD/CAM

Year 8 DVD/Games Storage

Pupils will produce a design portfolio to develop and produce a range of design ideas for a unique DVD/Games storage device. Pupils will investigate and analyse existing products and manufacturing processes to influence their designs. This project will further develop a range of techniques including orthographic drawing. The final product will be designed and manufactured using CAD CAM with a medium of acrylic plastic.

Year 9 Packaged photo frame project

Pupils will explore product analysis, using various research techniques, and using CAD (computer aided design) to develop own designs. The pupils will develop and practice using the laser cutter in order to realise their design. Pupils will peer assess their work, share ideas and evaluate their performance within the classroom through group work, self-reflection and individual evaluation. Final ideas and outcomes will culminate in a final presentation to their peers.

Year 9 Sustainability project

Pupils will have to collaborate with each other in order to achieve in this project. They will be given all of their waste material from throughout the year and be asked to create a product with the materials. Pupils will need to be creative and innovative in order for them to achieve. There will be subject knowledge embedded throughout.