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KS3 Food Technology

KS3 Food Technology

Junior Chef Course Level One

Year 7 Pupils will take part in a Junior Chef Course Level One. Pupils will carry out research and generate, develop and communicate their ideas through design work. They will apply their knowledge and demonstrate an understanding of materials and equipment through practical work. Practical tasks will cake making, scone making, bread making and biscuit making. Pupils will work in small groups and independently to carry out peer assessment, self reflection and evaluation.

Junior Chef Course Level Two

Year 8 Pupils will take part in Junior chef Course Level Two. Pupils will develop research skill with literacy opportunities based on health eating principles, i.e. less sugar, less fat, less salt and more fibre. Pupils will progress their skills from Year 7 to create a range of dishes that reflect these principles. These include low sugar Victoria Sandwich Cake, a no fat whisked sponge flan, a salt free risotto and a high fibre pizza. Pupils consolidate their learning through a design and make task focusing on muffin development for commercial application.

Hospitality - Foundation for GSCE

Year 9 Pupils carry progress their investigative and research skills by creating a range of dishes for the Hospitality Industry. Pupils will design and make a range of pastry cakes with focus on health and safety and HACCP within the catering environment. Pupils extend their knowledge and understanding of nutrition and apply it to their design and make activity. The course develops pupils understanding of the importance of menu planning, portion control, safe storage and functional and informative packaging. This year provide a sound platform to build upon as pupils progress into GCSE Hospitality.