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GCSE Textiles


Pupils will complete two units. Unit 1 is a written examination paper worth 40% of the overall GCSE grade. Unit 2 is a Controlled Assessment worth 60% which consists of a single design and make activity over approximately 45 hours.

The course will deliver the following areas through a variety of design and make activities and through completing their controlled assessment.

Materials and components

Fibres and fabrics:
Properties and characteristics
Product maintenance, suitability and fitness for purpose

Finishing Processes:

Dyeing and printing
Decoration and enhancement


Manufactured components

Design and market influences
Product analysis

Product Design
Evaluation Techniques
Evaluation of quality of own product compared with market alternatives
Social, Cultural, Moral, Health and Safety and Environment Issues
Social and cultural influences on the consumer market
Consumer choice
Moral and environmental issues
Environmental effects: the disposal of chemicals in safe and friendly way
Health and safety issues

Processes and manufacture

Techniques and processes
Range of processes used for textile production and manufacture

Production Planning

Planning the development and manufacture of a product
Quality Assurance

Information Technology

Computer Technology and Communication
Use of CAD and CAM