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AQA DT: Resistant Materials Technology (First examined students up to July 2018)

Examination Criteria:

Course work accounts for 60% of this award. Students will design and make a product that has to be submitted in year 11 of the DT course. The course work submission will be made up of a design portfolio, and a completed practical product.

The end examination accounts for the remaining 40% of the GCSE award. It is a 2 hours long examination which tests students' knowledge and understanding of designing and making.

Grading Structure: A* to G (Until 2019)

Exam board Website: AQA - Design Technology

Course Specification: AQA DT: Resistant Materials Technology GCSE 4560

Progress 8 Slot: Open Slot

Head of Department: Mr P Tilson

Course Description

In years 7 and 8, students study DT for 2 periods per week, gaining knowledge and understanding in all DT material areas prior to the guided pathway options at the end of year 8.

Department statement

This subject is extremely enjoyable for students who have creative skills. Assessment is based on the ability to design and make using a variety of materials. Students will develop knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of resistant materials, processes and manufacturing.

The environmental issues associated with the manufacture of products will be a key area of study. Students will look at Life Cycle Assessments to determine the sustainability of a product. New technologies will be considered, and students will be encouraged to use the CAD/CAM facilities in the department to create high quality proto-types that could be mass produced.


This is a GCSE subject which is useful for students wishing to study in a range of post 16 / A-Level / degree courses. It will benefit students who wish to study any creative subjects, and it is extremely useful for a variety of careers:

  • Apprenticeships in Engineering
  • Apprenticeships in Construction
  • Motor Vehicle Maintenance
  • Industrial Design
  • Product Design
  • Teaching

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