Dyke House Sports & Technology College

Attainment and Achievement through Creativity, Collaboration and Character




It is our aim to make music accessible to all students.

Music holds no barriers; it is an excellent way to communicate and to share our creativity through collaboration.

When we have music we are never truly alone as throughout our lives wonderful memories are evoked by a beautiful melody or line from a song that touched our heart.

Musical Beginnings

Our Year 7s are welcomed into music and encouraged to show us their skills and talents. They learn the elements of music by travelling through history and studying the musical periods from Medieval to Modern. Year 7 is brought to a conclusion in the summer term as students compose a melody and undertake a solo skilled performance. These initial assessments give us that first National Curriculum Level that sets up a benchmark for future progression.

Musical Journeys

In Year 8 we take a musical tour around the world. Visiting a wide range of countries and their musical styles and cultures including Japan, Spain, Africa, India and many more. The aim of year 8 is to produce a world music book using iBook author and to incorporate relaxing meditation sounds and melodies relating to countries, their instruments and nature sounds. Year 8 is brought to a conclusion in the summer term as students compose a melody and undertake a skilled ensemble performance.

Key Stage 4

We enjoy an enthusiastic approach to GCSE Music at Dyke House. We collaborate to appraise, compose and perform music using a wide range of styles and genres. All students are encouraged to be creative and unique when composing and performing. Students have access to a wide variety of instruments including acoustic and technological equipment. There is the opportunity to work in groups and to use studios in which to have quieter contemplative moments when song writing. We follow the AQA GCSE Music course. Students work through and are assessed on four units:

Listening and appraising (1 hour exam in Year 11)
A composition and appraisal linked to a strand such as World Music.
Performing a solo and group piece using their chosen instrument or vocals.
A composition of their own choosing.

Wider Opportunities

To ensure students' progress in Music we provide extra curricular activities at KS3 and KS4. National Curriculum Levels are regularly recorded and progression will be evident via monitoring throughout the year. Those students making inadequate progress will be invited to attend a Progress Club.Our GCSE students have access to and regularly attend Progress clubs in which they can develop their coursework and aim for a higher grade. Students also use this time to practice solo and group pieces for performance. Raised Voices is a singing and playing group that encourages our younger students to enjoy collaborating and making music whilst raising achievement through improved National Curriculum levels. We are working towards singing in whole school assembly. We enjoy practising for Carol Concerts and are hoping to showcase our talent in a number of shows throughout the year that will include both students and staff participation.