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KS3 Graphics

Students will have an 18 week-long course based on designing and making a range of products. This will take place in years 7 and 8. Skills will be developed in CAD, packaging, hand drawing skills, and responding to a design brief and specification. Students can then pick a graphic products option in the year 8 options process in preparation for our 2 years long course in key stage 4.

GSCE Art and Design: Graphic Communication (AQA)

Pupils will complete two units. Unit 1 is a portfolio of work containing a large number of pieces of graphical communication pieces. This accounts for 60 % of the award, and students spend a lot of curriculum time in lessons completing this. Unit 2 is a Controlled Assessment worth 40% which consists of a single 10 hour period of creative activity to produce good outcomes for external marking.

Unit 1:

Each student must select and present a portfolio representative of their course of study. The portfolio must include both:

  • A sustained project developed in response to a subject, theme, task or brief evidencing the journey from initial engagement with an idea(s) to the realisation of intentions. This will give students the opportunity to demonstrate, through an extended creative response, their ability to draw together different areas of knowledge, skills and/or understanding from across their course of study.
  • A selection of further work resulting from activities such as trials and experiments; skills-based workshops; mini and/or foundation projects; responses to gallery, museum or site visits; work placements; independent study and evidence of the student's specific role in any group work undertaken.

Unit 2:

AQA will provide a separate externally set assignment for each title, each with seven different starting points. Students must select and respond to one starting point from their chosen title.

The externally set assignment provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate, through an extended creative response, their ability to draw together different areas of knowledge, skills and/or understanding in response to their selected starting point.

The extended creative response must explicitly evidence students' ability to draw together different areas of knowledge, skill and/or understanding from initial engagement with their selected starting point through to their realisation of intentions in the 10 hours of supervised time.

Head of strand: Mrs C Byrne

Grading Structure: GCSE 9 to 1

Exam board Website: http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/art-and-design/gcse...

Course Specification: AQA GSCE Art and Design: Graphic Communication 8206

Progress 8 Slot: Open Slot

Course Description

In years 7 and 8, students study DT for 1 period per week, gaining knowledge and understanding in all DT material areas prior to the guided pathway options at the end of year 8.

This subject is extremely enjoyable for students who enjoy; working on creative outcomes, designing with CAD, exploring new ideas.


This is a GCSE subject, which is useful for students wishing to study in a range of post 16 / A-Level / degree courses. It will benefit students who wish to study any graphical communication or art based courses, and it is extremely useful for a variety of careers:

  • Architecture
  • Graphic Design
  • Product Design
  • Industrial design
  • Teaching

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