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Attainment and Achievement through Creativity, Collaboration and Character

Physical Education


The Dyke House Physical Education faculty wants to inspire young people to participate in and enjoy physical activity in an environment which is safe, relaxed and challenges all students. Our mission is to do this through outstanding teaching and learning that is constantly improving and progressing. Teaching which provides opportunities for students to assume responsibility for their own learning, engages inquisitive minds and encourages lifelong participation in sport. It is our aim to do this through personalised learning pathways which meet the needs of every student in every lesson.


To create a positive, enjoyable, challenging,stimulating and disciplined learning environment through which students interests, skills and knowledge can be fostered and developed.

To improve students' performance through the use of appropriate resources and teaching styles.

To empower students with the ability to accept responsibility, to work co-operatively and positively with others and have due regard for health, safety and hygiene.

To develop students creative, leadership and problem solving skills.

To encourage good habits and knowledge and understanding of issues relating to physical activity, fitness, health and nutrition.

To contribute to students personal and social development by exposing them to a variety of learning experiences and by fostering mutually respectful relationships within the Faculty.

To establish effective lines of communication between staff within the Faculty, with parents, other Faculties, Academy Leaders and outside agencies.

To encourage staff to be actively involved in the decision making and planning processes of the Faculty and the whole school.

To encourage continuing professional development which facilitates career development through structuring staff needs and requirements.

Values: Both Staff and Students need to have and be showing:


Being considerate towards other people and their feelings

Keeping an open mind and being non-judgmental

Being reliable and honest

Looking after their own bodies and health


Having a commitment to something

Showing dedication

Doing the best they can

Achieving goals

Aiming high and having high expectations

Taking part and making progress


Strength and persistence to succeed

Digging in when things are hard and not giving up

Avoiding distraction and overcoming barriers

To see things through to the end

Making a decision with purpose


Source of motivation to achieve or try something new

Having a brilliant idea

A creative influence

Finding something which allows them to do something special


Confidence to confront a fear, pain, risk, danger or intimidation

Standing up for what you believe in

Strength and determination- not to give in

Dependability to "do the right thing"

Personal conviction

Being brave and accepting the reality of a situation


Recognising that everyone has potential

Ensuring that everyone is involved

Catering for the needs of everybody

Ensuring everyone has an equal chance of success

Recognition that different people's needs are met in different ways

Respecting that everyone has basic rights

Friendship is

Wanting the best for someone and for them to succeed

-Being honest and truthful to yourself and others

-Being understanding and non-judgmental

-Putting other people first


The Dyke House Physical Education department provides a physically rich curriculum that embraces diversity in teaching and learning styles. It is designed to engage, inspire and maximise students' potential. We encourage our pupils through the catalyst of PE, Science and Health and SocialCare to become independent learners, to develop life long healthy lifestyles and become participants in sport and physical activity beyond school and into their adult lives.

In year 7 & 8 we offer a broad and balanced curriculum to all our students who have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports and roles under the following titles; Outwitting Opponents, Leadership, Accurate replication of actions phrases and sequences,Exercising safely and effectively, Preforming at maximum levels and Exploring and communicating ideas concepts and emotions. Students have the freedom to opt for sports which they have an interest in each half term as part of our extensive extracurricular programme.

In year 9 all students continue to access the above practical curriculum but also complete a vocational qualification related to the theory of sports performance. This qualification is the equivalent of 1GSCE and is completed over a two or three year period. The current year 9 are following the Edexcel BTEC Sport level 1 Award.

In years 10 and 11 the curriculum follows on from the Key Stage 3 Physical Education programme of study by providing students with exciting opportunities to lead a healthy and active lifestyle by choosing from a variety of roles and activities in which to participate in physical activity. All (some/many)students will complete the AQA GCSE qualification

The content of this GCSE Physical Education specification is designed to enable students to enjoy and understand the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle; to provide a route to further study in Further Education awards, such as A levels and/or the new Diplomas, and to Higher Education in PE as well as to related career opportunities.

Students will be assessed via practical performance,controlled assessment and final exam. The style of the question paper in the Full Course has been designed to include a mixture of multiple choice questions, some structured questions, and extended written answer questions set in response to a pre-released scenario.

As part of their practical performance students are assessed in three different sports.

In year 12 and 13 we provide opportunities for students to undertake BTEC Sport level 3 Subsidiary Diploma, which is equivalent to 1 Alevel. This is delivered over one year. After this time students can then progress onto the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport, which is equivalent to 3 A level grades. Student suitability for the Extended Diploma is based on GCSE results and career/high education aspirations.

The BTEC Diploma is suitable for students who are considering becoming a PE Teacher, Sports Coach, Events Manager, Sports Therapist, Sports Development Officer, a career in sport and the leisure industry or for those who enjoy sport and the outdoors, and would like to enhance their experience, knowledge and skills before progressing into employment or university.

Students who would like to:

- Experience a vocational course that includes relevant theory and practical based lessons

- Enjoy practical sport or outdoor pursuits activities on a weekly basis

- Have the opportunity to gain National Governing Body coaching qualifications that make you employable in the sports and leisure industry.

- Gain a 3 A-Level equivalent qualification that is nationally recognised and progress onto Higher Education

The qualification requires students to complete 19 units of study, 7 in Year 12 and the remainder in Year 13 in order to gain the Extended Diploma.

The programme of study is structured as follows:

- Year 1 - Subsidiary Diploma in Sport (1 A-level equivalent)

- Year 2 - Extended Diploma in Sport (3 A-level equivalent)

Mandatory Units include:

- Anatomy & Physiology

- Physiology of Fitness

- Assessing Risk in Sport

- Fitness Testing in Sport & Exercise

- Practical Sport

In Year 12 students are also given the opportunity to study at AS level in Physical Education, progressing to A Level PE in Year 13.

If students are considering a course in sport or physical education at University and anticipate a career in either, then studying A-Level PE will provide them with a sound base. As well as a thorough theory element, students will be able to develop their practical skills in a range of both individual and game activities. The close link between the theory and the practical elements of the course will help students develop their own performance as well as their ability to observe, analyse and correct other performers in a variety of physical activities.

Studying A-Level PE will prepare students for studying a wide variety of courses at University including; sports science, sports studies, leisure management, qualified teacher status degrees, sports therapy, physiotherapy and many other combinations. Many opportunities in the Sport and Fitness industry exist from working in a football club, working within a local gym, forming a career as a sports scientist or sports therapy.

The course is delivered using a combination of theoretical lectures and practical sessions within our classrooms, our fitness suite and the local area.

Students will have the opportunity to select a practical option as part of the coursework to ensure the achievement of outstanding grades. All learning is supported through VLE, the college's virtual learning environment in which all class notes, revision notes, assignments and links to supporting resources are available for students to access from both inside and outside of college.

As with all AS/A-level's, students will be required to undertake at least 3 hours of independent study in addition to attendance at lectures and tutorials. Homework will be set weekly and monitored. Mock exams will happen throughout the academic year to assess student progress and support their learning and revision in the lead up to the examination period. Nearer the exam period, extra revision classes will be provided for all students toaccess.

Subject content:

1. Applied anatomy and physiology

2. Skill acquisition

3. Sport and society

4. Biomechanical movement

5. Sport psychology

6. Sport and society and the role of technology in physical activity and sport