Dyke House Sports & Technology College

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Here you will find details of the Academy's Admission arrangements, including its selection and oversubscription criteria, published admission number and the school's process for applications through the local authority.

Admission Appeals Timetable

The Northern Education Trust will use the Hartlepool LA's timetable for applications to the Dyke House Academy each year (exact dates within the months may vary from year to year).

The arrangements for appeals will be in line with the School Admission Code, published by the Department for Education, as it also applies to Academies.

  • Beginning of March offers made to parents.
  • 1st April - deadline for parents to lodge a written appeal if their application is unsuccessful.
  • Parents will be notified of their appeal hearing with information of deadlines in any further evidence is required.
  • It is our intention that this timetable will be completed by the end of May.


If you wish to join the Academy please contact Hartlepool Admissions on 01429 523768